Down in Charlottetown

Couldn’t think of a title that rhymed better! It has just been a day since I landed here. The weather was pleasant even though it has been raining throughout the week. So I went Downtown with my Uncle and Aunt to see the place. My cousin brother, his wife and two kids are also here. […]


Yahoo India SMS

At first when I saw this my reaction was ‘huh’ (can they afford to do this?). Then it was ‘wow’ it would be cool if they did that. Finally when I found yesterday that my account had been upgraded to their RC (Release Candidate version), I couldn’t help but try sending an SMS and guess […]


Inspecting Web Interfaces

(Continued from Secure Web Interfaces) OK, I had a tremendous urge to call this post “Hacking Web Interfaces”. But due to some uneducated folks who believe hacking is a bad word, I think I will stick to its euphemism. The most direct way to feed random data to a web-service is in a raw format. […]


Rediffmail increases storage space to Infinity!

Just couldn’t resist posting this! OK, many might ask, what’s new; almost no one manages to fill up the >2GB email space given by GMail. I agree. It is more of a gimmick but what was hilarious was this message posted on the Welcome page.   Seems like Rediff is encouraging people to store files […]


Orkut for Opera Mini

I have seen some people sit for HOURS at the social networking site called Orkut. Many of them even try to get onto the site through their puny mobile browsers. Some time ago I had written about Opera Mini and how well it rendered pages; even those with Javascript. However it has a flaw… poor/no […]

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