Summer time!

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It takes a bright sunny weekend to break the stupor brought about by cloudy days of Seattle. And today was such a day. I had not biked north of my place for a long time (almost a year now). Sensing a chance to restart serious biking before fall sets in, I set out north of […]


Day 2, looking for a silver lining on an overcast day

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Today was my second day in Charlottetown and I was hoping for better weather. At least the forecast at Yahoo had said that it would be sunny today. But it was so wrong; it poured throughout the day and there was just a little sunshine when the rain stopped for a moment. Worse, I have […]


Shimla Visit 2007

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I had been wanting to write about my Shimla visit but due to the general laziness that has crept upon me of late, I was unable to do so. The reason for visiting Shimla was my cousin brother’s (Montoo’s) wedding. This was the first Himachali wedding I have seen and so I was excited about it. […]

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