Why was Yahoo SMTP misbehaving?

Yahoo provides free SMTP access to all its non yahoo.com domain email addresses. I started using the server around 6 months back. The best part was that the SMTP servers were dumb. They were acting as open message relays for anyone who had a valid Yahoo ID. So I could send an email message as […]


Orkut and a Worm

So its not often that my computer is actually infected by a Worm (or Virus). But then when I got an email from an old friend about scrapping when I hadn’t done so, I was surprised. A quick and thorough scan of my PC revealed nothing. Now I faintly remembered receiving 2 scraps (which obviously […]


Inspecting Web Interfaces

(Continued from Secure Web Interfaces) OK, I had a tremendous urge to call this post “Hacking Web Interfaces”. But due to some uneducated folks who believe hacking is a bad word, I think I will stick to its euphemism. The most direct way to feed random data to a web-service is in a raw format. […]


Secure Web Interfaces

On the Internet, security is overrated. Every third site you visit talks about it. But still, not many sites take steps to implement it. This has been the complaint of people all these years and is still true today. Unless it is a site that is dealing with financial transactions, most interfaces provided by these sites […]

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