Inspecting Web Interfaces

(Continued from Secure Web Interfaces) OK, I had a tremendous urge to call this post “Hacking Web Interfaces”. But due to some uneducated folks who believe hacking is a bad word, I think I will stick to its euphemism. The most direct way to feed random data to a web-service is in a raw format. […]


Secure Web Interfaces

On the Internet, security is overrated. Every third site you visit talks about it. But still, not many sites take steps to implement it. This has been the complaint of people all these years and is still true today. Unless it is a site that is dealing with financial transactions, most interfaces provided by these sites […]


Your GPRS mobile is spying on you!

One of the great things about the Internet is anonymity; one can surf the net without disclosing who he/she is and where he comes from (OK, your IP address can be used to track you, but then unless you go through the long process of getting your ISP to yield details about the IP address, […]


ControlTemplates in XAML

XAML has this great concept of look-less controls. When we see a normal Win32 control like say a checkbox, we always assume that it will be a square box along with some text written to the left of it. Taking an example from our old friend WordPad, we would always expect a checkbox to look […]


Random thoughts == System.Random(object thought)

This is the state of my mind at this precise moment. Thinking of code as well as trying to think of something else. Its Friday night, I’ve had my dinner and am really tired to do any more work. Thought of updating my blog, as it has been weeks since I last did it. Just […]


Creating Dynamic Avatars for forums, Php scripting + .htaccess in Apache

Digg This Now you guys have probably seen that the avatars on this forum are static, they have to be manually changed before you can use a new one. Now take a look at my avatar urlhttp://www.smart-techie.com/images/avatar.gifNow what happens when you view it? You see a jpg or a gif image.Try accessing the same url […]

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