Today was my second day in Charlottetown and I was hoping for better weather. At least the forecast at Yahoo had said that it would be sunny today. But it was so wrong; it poured throughout the day and there was just a little sunshine when the rain stopped for a moment. Worse, I have a sore back which is (interestingly) due to sleeping in more comfortable conditions. Weird, isn’t it? I mean my back was OK when I slept in a sleeping bag on a carpeted floor back at my apartment in Atlanta but when I have a comfortable bed with a soft mattress to sleep on; my back gives way. Perhaps it hoped for something harder to support my weight 🙂

On the bright side, I have been having excellent home-cooked food (without me actually having to cook any of it) thanks to my bua. Also went to a pet store where the condition in which the animals was kept was (expectedly) deplorable. Maybe pet stores also want to benefit from the empathy of people when they see those poor animals trapped/caged/boxed in those containers. But I didn’t have the heart to say this in front of my nephew who had so eagerly come to the store to see the animals, if he ever reads this, he would know my opinions about putting animals in cages and making them suffer.