Last year, I arrived in Hyderabad to work for Microsoft, without even knowing what group I would be working for. I was assigned to the Education Products Group and I had no inkling about what I would be working on. Thus was my demeanour when I came here.

Now after having spent a year here, I can only marvel at what I have been through. I was involved in the development of a CTP for a V1 product, researching new ways to add value to the product and finally the release of the Windows MultiPoint SDK. What could be a more awesome start to one’s career? Not only this, I came across brilliant people, not only in my team, but in various others and admittedly learnt a lot from them (and made friends with them too 🙂

But life has to go on and with a deep regret I have to put this behind me for pursuing my Masters at Gatech. Let’s see what life has in store for me.