I have seen some people sit for HOURS at the social networking site called Orkut. Many of them even try to get onto the site through their puny mobile browsers. Some time ago I had written about Opera Mini and how well it rendered pages; even those with Javascript. However it has a flaw… poor/no support for AJAX. With Google pushing its AJAX login box inside an IFrame on every one of its services, logging in through Opera Mini on its sites it next to impossible.

Same with Orkut. So for all you Orkut fanatics out there I came up with a URL that would allow you to get there even with Opera Mini!

The link is


This is NO CUSTOM link but a link to the login box page provided by Google. I think with a little modification, other services which use the “Google Box “ can also be made more accessible. Feel free to submit if you come up with any and I will post them here 🙂

P.S. It seems people were not able to scrap using Opera Mini. To do this type your scrap in the text box, then type this Javascript as the URL in the browser and your scrap will be posted! You might want to bookmark the URL for easier access 🙂