This is just a small (EDIT: after typing the complete post I find that its not small anymore 🙂) post to tell people (who are interested) how I fared in my GRE.

The analytical writing section was quite easy, though I haven’t received my scores as yet, I guess I did good enough. The essay was on the justification of the imposition of regulations by the government on science and research. The argument topic was regarding change in management of a company after it had been showing poor results for sometime.

Then came the Verbal section that was was quite tough. Even the antonyms posed a challenge after the strenuous writing part; it was not easy to think straight after typing on the PC for an hour and a quarter. The antonyms were difficult PLUS the options given were made of difficult words themselves. This almost doubled the time taken to solve the question. The reading comprehension were quite tame except for a question or two. Analogies were also OK. Overall I managed to score a 680 despite my comparatively short preparation (~4 weeks).

Quantitative section was also fine. Some data interpretation questions were tricky. But I double checked each and every question and so all my answers were correct; except maybe for the last one for which I had only 30 seconds left and so I guessed. So, quite predictably, I got an 800 there.

One thing that I noticed was that when your time ran out and you still hadn’t confirmed an answer to a question, the computer still asked you if you wanted to register your answer. So I think, a nice strategy would be to click on the most probable answer as you thought about the other choices. So even if you ran out of time, you still had a guess which you could register as your answer.

So overall it went fine, and a score of 1480 is reasonably good for ~4 weeks of study. Whatsay?