Hydeabad map

So finally landed in Hyderabad this Sunday. Its a nice city, not too crowded, not too hot (at least this time of the season); in all a moderate city in every respect. Haven’t travelled to a lot of places yet but plan to do so this weekend. But travelling to work ~20 kms takes care of the distance part 🤪. It has been raining since I arrived and so has been difficult to get out much, but me and my friends have already dined at 3-4 different places since arrival. The food’s OK and the prices are neither too high not cheap, as such. Unfortunately the cafeteria food at work (where we all planned to dine and survive is nothing to write home about 😞) There’s has not been any work this week at Microsoft, but I expect things to change soon; trainings… dev work… etc; all will be soon breathing down my neck. Till then, vela pursuits like blogging are what I’m doing. We guys looked up a 3 BHK apartment near MS IDC campus, about 1.5 kms away. The house’s pretty decent but there are no facilities around; a small market for groceries and a restaurant called Punjabi Rasoi (hideously expensive now) are all what’s closeby. For everything else, we have to travel a looong way to a place called Madhavpur. Will be quite testing for me without any conveyance of my own. Everywhere I look from my desk, I see people trying to configure their PCs or just plain surfing the net. Dunno how long the honeymoon period is going to last. BTW I got to know that I scored a 5.5 on my GRE essay/analytical writing. Hmmm either my family is pulling my leg (quite unlikely, I told my brother to scan the letter and email me) or I was never meant to be a techie. Maybe I should apply for post graduation in English or history 😁